Recycling Opportunities for Residents

Community Recycling

WSI Trash Valet & Recycling community recycling programs currently offer one of the cleanest recycling streams in the industry. Our system is even cleaner than the typical residential service and this clean recycling stream cuts down costs to both apartments communities due to a drastic reduction in trash hauling expenses, but also materials recovery facilities that assist with local and regional recycling handling and processing. When considering the amount of wasted materials that eventually wind up clogging landfills, the impact is enormous. We also provide recurring recycling education materials to assist each resident with their recycling questions and concerns.

We evaluate each multi-family community to determine the flow and distribution of units so we can design a clean and efficient recycling pickup service. Our main options include our doorstep recycling service, which maximizes resident and maintenance crew time savings, and on-site consolidated services. We will customize an entirely new system to meet the needs of your property to ensure your recycling is properly hauled and load balance all recycling dumpsters with each community recycling service to drastically reduce trash hauling expenses and maximize recycling output.

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General Recycling Guidelines

*Recycling guidelines vary by city, please contact us for more detailed recycling information.


What Can You Recycle?

A PDF version is available for download here.