WSI TRASH & RECYCLING VALET community trash and recycling programs evaluate each multi-family community to determine the flow and distribution of trash so we can design a clean and efficient door-to-dumpster system. We customize our services to meet the needs of your property to ensure your trash is properly hauled and all dumpsters are load balanced to drastically reduce trash hauling expenses.



Full Service Doorstep Trash & Recycling Valet

Our premier full service includes recycling valet and recycling liners for free. Full service is provided five days a week, with customized service times and days to meet the needs and expectations of your property. Residents love that our full service removes the necessity to make long trips to the dumpster and gives them the opportunity to participate in the cleanest recycling service available.

Recycling valet, recycling liners and bulk item removal are included with full service.


Service is Provided 5 Days a Week


Education Materials are Provided to Residents


Most efficient solution for waste management


Highest NOI return for your property


Doorstep Recycling Valet

Full service is provided 3 days a week. Residents are provided with service education materials. Gives your residents the opportunity to recycle. Follows all local codes, standards and ordinances for recycling. Provides the cleanest recycling stream on the market, so you never have to worry about chargebacks or out of compliance issues.


For properties who want a dedicated recycling program. Recycling bags are also provided free of charge. We use auto-locking dumpsters to keep the recycling uncontaminated. On-Site presence enhances security and expedites emergency responses.

Bulk Item Removal

Our bulk item removal program is an added-value service option that enables community’s to request for the removal of bulk items from their property. This can include apartment clean-outs, removal of items from the vicinity of dumpsters or more general large items that would otherwise rapidly fill up on site dumpsters, leading to a large deduction to waste hauling expenses and maintenance crew labor.

Our bulk item removal services also include a donation program that allows communities to select sites of donation to further our aim to recycle and reuse old items that are still in usable condition. Please note that we request that communities set up an appointment for unusually large pickups/apartment clean-outs. Contact us for more specific information as each community is unique and has varied requirements.

Common Bulk Items We Will Remove and/or Donate

*Donation guidelines vary by city, please contact us for more detailed donation information.

Refrigerators are one bulk item that we will donate or recycle.
Desks and other furniture are other examples of items we donate to local nonprofits.
We donate couches if they are fully intact and functional.

Couches, Chairs, Desks and Household Appliances

These are the most commonly removed items from multi-family communities. A majority of these items may be donated for reuse at a local facility that accepts and redistributes donated items. In the event appliances do not work, we will remove it from the site and take proper procedures to recycle it. This includes household electronics.

Mattresses are recyclable only in certain cities.
Box springs are another bulk item we will remove or recycle.
We recycle or remove TV's and other electronics.

Mattresses, Box Springs, Electronics and Garbage

We are only able to recycle mattresses, box springs and TV’s in select cities, states and regions. Additional charges often apply. Please contact us so a WSI representative can inform you about the recycling opportunities available in your area. Most broken items, such as irreparably damaged furniture or other large amounts of bulk waste are not recyclable. We recycle and donate what we can to local nonprofit organizations, such as Habitat for Humanity, while taking precautionary measures to ensure your items are safely removed from the site.

Other Services

Commercial Recycling

We provide recycling pickup for local businesses and commercial accounts.

Due to the variables for each commercial account we manage, we please ask you contact us so that we may fully assess the logistical needs of your business or operation in order to maximize the recycling potential.