COVID-19 Safety Updates

To All Managers: We are still experiencing increased trash loads due to social distancing/work from home.

Please note that more trash pickups by waste haulers may be required to prevent trash overflowing. We are asking all employees to report overflowing or full dumpsters.

October 20th, 2021: We continue to see a surge in the trash and recycling use rates. We are continuing to have our employees monitor dumpsters as overflow has continued to be an issue.

April 6th, 2020: We have continued to verify our working status through local Health Departments. Our work is still considered low risk. We are in the process of acquiring and/or making masks for our workers. We are also cleared to continue distributing recycling liners for our recycling valet services. We have been directed to remind residents to please wash your hands after handling anything outside your door, including packages and recycle liners (after placing them over the bin).

MARCH 16th, 2020: In response to the ongoing updates for coronavirus (COVID-19) on an international, national and local level, WSI Trash & Recycling Valet is taking a proactive approach to prevent viral transmission and to ensure the safety for both your community and our service technicians. In accordance with guidelines offered by the NAA (link) and the CDC (link), we are taking the following precautionary measures as we monitor the situation:

Our service technicians will continue to utilize disposable nitrile or latex gloves when providing services. 

Due to increased exposure through potentially infected trash and recycling materials, we will not be taking or handling any loose trash or recycling. All trash and or recycling must be contained in a liner and tied off. We will, however, still be taking all broken down cardboard boxes; these do not have to be bagged.

If unbagged trash is left out it will not be picked up. Our service technicians will leave a courtesy notice indicating why the trash was left.

We also ask that residents please do not leave any tissues, napkins or any trash on top of their trash or recycling liners. These liner(s) will also not be picked up. We cannot directly handle loose trash of any kind.

Our workers will be required for clearance to work in accordance to CDC standards.

At this time, all trash and recycling valet services will operate as normal. Our services have been evaluated as a low risk. The main infection points are from direct person-to-person contact. We will continue to monitor the situation and maintain our communication with you if there are any updates that may affect your community.

If you suspect you may have the virus, please reach out to your local health department to undergo proper procedures.



To prevent transmission of the virus, please tie-off all bags and do not leave out any loose trash or recycling. If your community currently has recycling valet, we will continue to pick up broken down cardboard placed behind your bin.

We have been cleared to continue providing liners for the recycling valet service. Please wash your hands after handling these liners just like anything else left at your door (packages, groceries, etc).

We will not handle any loose trash of any kind and all liners must be sealed and tied off.