Advantages to Property Management

We have extensive experience in serving a diverse range of management companies and owner groups throughout our long run towards designing a professional and competitive services company. We  provide many features that acquire exemplary satisfaction from the customers we serve. Our uniformed and are fully insured professionals are hardworking and dedicated to providing excellent services to all of our clients. Our valets collect waste and recyclables from each resident doorstep and deliver them to on-site dumpsters.

Our services solve your on-site issues regarding waste management as well as recycling old and used materials. The services provided by WSI increase the efficiency of maintenance crews by relieving them of all too common problems associated with waste management services. The basic principle that led us to our success is in direct relationship to the training and professionalism our employees have when managing the portfolios of our clientele. Our valets are very formal and know how to respond to the needs of property management and residents we serve.

Property management attains a wide range of benefits from our phase-in and lease-up programs. We also make available for you additional ancillary income from the very first day of service. We are positive that your community will benefit from the incremented net operating income (NOI) as well as higher return on investment (ROI). The quality of our services will assure you that your property management will love the convenience, safety and value our services will offer.

The services of WSI also come with value-added benefits. We help you by keeping your waste hauling expenses down through our recycling services and our bulk item removal services and also provide an additional source of security with the on-site presence of our valets. Our team members work extensively with property management in order to ensure that everyone is happy.


Ancillary Income

Sample is based on a 200 unit community with full service Trash and Recycling Valet, including bulk item removal.

All charges and service fees represent averages taken from Multi-Family Communities in Utah.

Data represented varies by Property/City/State/Region.

  • WSI Trash and/or Recycling Valet Fees
  • Management Issued Resident Service Fees (optional)
  • Monthly NOI Revenue
  • Annual NOI Revenue

A Few Examples of the Services We Offer

We are able to fully customize service options for each community we serve. 

Trash Valet & Recycling

Bulk Item Pickup

Pet Waste Removal


Recycling Education Program

For Owners

Improve Your NOI While Enhancing Your Community with Our Services

Generates Ancillary Income

Increases Your Competitive Advantage

Increases Occupancy & Reduces Turnover

Increases Curb Appeal

Increases Appreciation From Your Residents

Produces a Cleaner Community and Beautifies Your Property

Eliminates Trash Responsibly

Decreases Dumpster/Compactor Fees

Custom Designed Trash Valet & Recycling Solutions

Superior and Responsive Customer Service

Smooth Transition & Phase-In Program

No Binding Long-Term Contracts

For Residents

No More Leaking Trash Bags

Recycling Empowers Residents While Lowering Waste Hauling Expenses

Residents Can Stay Out of Inclement Weather and Spend More Time Doing What They Want

Efficient Recycling Education Program Keeps Residents Up to Date with Current Trends

WSI Trash & Recycling Valet Defining Trash & Recycling Valet Through Innovation & Dedication
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