Services and Support FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

Questions from Residents

My trash and/or recycling was not picked up!
The most common reasons for your item(s) not being picked up are:


1. The trash and/or recycling can was placed outside your residence too late that led to missed service. Please place all trash & recycling containers outside your residence at the time and place your apartments management has designated.

2. The trash and/or recycling can was returned to your residence too soon that led to our team missing the bins at your unit. Please refer to your WSI welcome packet that was provided when you moved in, contact your apartments management or fill out or customer support form above.

3. The bags are outside of a bin, the bags are in an unusual container or there was an excessive amount of bags. Please look for a compliance notice the team member may have left you.


If you placed your bins out at the right time, allowed enough time to pass before returning the bins to your residence and you did not receive a compliance notice:

We are very sorry for the inconvenience. Please contact us by either filling out the form above or call us at 888-WSI-3387 (888-974-3387) so we can file the missed pickup and inform the team lead and apartments management about the issue so we can ensure your items are picked up during each service cycle.

I have other responsibilities to attend to at the determined service pickup times.
While we try to arrange enough ample time for all of our residents to participate in our service, we understand there are certain scenarios that conflict with a resident’s schedule. Please contact your property management and make arrangements with them to ensure we can pick up your trash and/or recycling.
I don't want this service.
We have contracted with your property management to consolidate the service and this is determined per property. If you have specific issues with the service, please let us know how we can improve our service by filling out the form above or contact your property management for more details.

Questions from Property Owners

How does your service benefit my property?
In addition to increasing your property NOI and ROI, our services provide residents with an easily implemented, universally wanted turnkey program that eliminates all waste management issues so your maintenance crews can focus on other areas of your property. Please contact us for more details.