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W SI Trash & Recycling Valet is a nationally affiliated, locally owned and operated company that prides itself on its superior customer service, flexible “Win-Win” solutions for all our partnerships and locally owned operations that ensure expedited troubleshooting and correspondence.


Our team of professionals has accumulated decades of diverse experience in sales, logistics, human resources and customer service in the business and industrial sectors. Several of our local operations have been won awards from  local housing associations and related fields.


WSI Trash & Recycling Valet is one of the leading trash and recycling collection services providers throughout the nation. We designed our system to handle the dynamic needs if each individual property. We follow strict rules, standard safety procedures and utter professionalism throughout all the steps, starting from the very first steps of waste management to the final execution. 

2018 Best of State

State of Utah Best of State Awards

2017 Supplier of the Year Award

Utah Housing Association




WSI was founded in Dallas, Texas, after one it’s founders discovered the Trash Valet services provided at his apartment and determined we could optimize this experience at a lower cost.


A sister branch was established in Salt Lake City, Utah. Prior to this point, Trash Valet did not exist in the state of Utah. We ran our first materials recovery facility out of a small storage unit when we discovered a local demand for multi-family recycling services. We saw this as an opportunity to reduce costs for our clients and benefit the larger local community by diverting waste large landfills.