WSI Trash and Recycling Valet is a leading national doorstep trash waste collection and recycling service. To make our high efficiency and quality services even easier and more accessible for our clients that own apartments complexes, retirement homes, student housing, we provide scheduled trash collection services to ensure residents and tenants are educated and informed by our services. We provide a variety of turn key solutions to meet the unique needs of your property.

Stellar rise in tenant satisfaction.

Easy implementation with a turn-key waste management system.

Impressive increase in NOI/ROI.

On-site awareness and litter reduction from grounds.

A WSI Trash Valet & Recycling contractor removing trash from a residential unit.

Doorstep Trash Valet & Recycling

WSI Trash Valet & Recycling community trash programs evaluate each multi-family community.

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WSI Trash Valet & Recycling services also provides commercial recycling. Contact us for more info.

Commercial Recycling

Details vary by city, so please contact us for more information.

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Bulk Item removal reduces waste hauling expenses and maintenance crew labor costs.

Bulk Item Removal

Our bulk item removal program is an added-value service option to maximize the efficacy of your dumpsters.

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Our pet waste management services keep your grounds clean.

Pet Waste Management

Our pet waste management programs are designed to keep community grounds free of pet waste.

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Trash Valet, Bulk Item Pickup, Recycling and Recycling Education

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